Expected outputs

Expected outputs

Outputs for Mongolian partner universities

The Mongolian partner universities expects from the project an upgrading of pedagogical methods thanks to the implementation of e-learning. Lecturers should directly beneficiate from the activities by acquiring new competences that can improve the courses they give to students. Closer links with businesses and companies will improve their integration into the professional world.

Outputs for higher education in Mongolia

The project results will be diffused to partner universities governance boards, to other universities in the country and ministries. These stakeholders can then decide if the innovations and methodology implemented should be transferred to other departments or universities. They will also study the longevity and viability of the implemented activities once the project completed.

On the national scale

The development of relations with companies should provide, in the short term, information for the universities on how to adapt their curriculum and courses for their students. In the long term, the main goal is to form skilled Mongolian executives who can answer to the specific needs of food production in their country. The project achievements and diffusion should benefit to the largest part possible of the Mongolian society.